Abraham Lincoln by Kevin Wood

Bringing history –
and his story –
to life!

Activity #3: 1860 USA Map

Look at this map from the Grolier Encyclopedia to answer the questions.

1.  In 1860, just before the Civil War, there were a total of 33 states.  How many of these states were free states?  How many were slave states?  [Hint: don't count West Virginia!]

2.  In January 1861, the 34th state joined the country.  This state was located directly west of Missouri and kept the same name it had as a territory.  Name this state.

3.  Between the time that Abraham Lincoln was elected President in November 1860 and the time that he was inaugurated in March 1861, how many states seceded from the Union?  Name them. [These states became the Confederate States of America, or Confederacy.]

4.  After Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated President in March 1861, how many more states seceded from the Union to join the Confederacy?  Name them.

5.  One slave state was split in two because of the war.  The new state which was created (the 35th state) stayed in the Union, and was located along the border with the free states.  Name this new state, and the state from which it split.

6.  Four other of the slave states did not join the Confederacy.  These states were called the "border states" and were located along the border with the free states.  Name these four states.

7.  In 1864, the 36th state joined the Union.  This state is located directly east of California.  Can you name it?  [Hint: you won't find the name on the map.]

Check your answers.