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Abraham Lincoln by Kevin Wood

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Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of Freedom (excerpts)

July 2020

Lincoln as Story-Teller (excerpts)

May 2020

The Gettysburg Address (English)

El discurso de Gettysburg (espa˝ol/Spanish)

Le discours de Gettysburg (franšais/French)

Die Gettysburg-Rede (Deutsch/German)

Lincoln and Thanksgiving (excerpts)

November 2020

Lincoln on the Gettysburg Address (excerpts)

November 2020


Honest Abe Talks Thanksgiving

November 12, 2019

Naperville, IL

program at Naperville Public Library

What is the Humanities?

June 6, 2019 (recorded on April 8)

Evanston, IL

with Paul Durica of Illinois Humanities

The Political Lincoln: Honest Abe on Campaigns and Elections (excerpts)

June 2020

Lincoln on Immigration and America's Place in the World (excerpts)

July 2020


Drinkin' with Lincoln: Fastest Lincoln in the West

July 31, 2018

DeKalb, IL

with Clint Cargile of WNIU/WNIJ

(related article)

Abraham Lincoln on the Eclipse

August 21, 2017

St. Louis, MO

with Kim Hudson of Fox News

Lincoln on Literature and the Theatre (excerpts)

April 2020

Lincoln the Lawyer (excerpts)

May 2020

  Mr. Lincoln Visits Millenium Park in Chicago (11/14/2016)

Abraham Lincoln on a Divided Nation

November 14, 2016

Chicago, IL

with Eric Epperson of CIY

The Singing Lincolns

April 19, 2015

Vandalia, IL

at 2015 Assoc. of Lincoln Presenters Conf.

Lincoln on Leadership (excerpts)

July 2020

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual School Programs (excerpts)

September 2020

  five IL Humanities podcasts

(coming later)